Monday 6th August 2018 at 6pm

Kick-off time: 6pm at the Queensferry HUB

Fun football Festival for all local children born between 2013 and 2003. Play 2 Learn Coaching will also be supporting the event and running fun football for preschool children.

The Junior 5-a-side football competition for local children is divided into the following groups (dependent on number of entries):

  • Group A: Children born in 2013/2012/2011
  • Group B: Children born in 2010/2009
  • Group C: Children born in 2008/2007
  • Group D: Children born in 2006/2005
  • Group E: Children born in 2004/2003


Entry forms to be returned to Queensferry Sports and Community Hub, 30 Ashburnham Road, South Queensferry, FAO James Mackay, or completed online no later than Saturday, 4th August. For more information email or call 07748 652993.


  1. All team members must be resident in the Queensferry/Dalmeny/Newton area or attend one of the primary schools or youth groups, e.g. KSQ Football Club.
  2. Group A will be a fun festival of round robin games with no points or finals.
  3. Groups B–D will consist of round robin group games progressing to a ‘Final’ match.
  4. Each group game and final will last around 10 minutes, however this is dependent on the final number of entries.
  5. In the event of a draw the final games will be decided on a ‘Sudden Death’ penalty shoot-out
  6. Standard football rules for small sided games apply, with kick-ins from the side and corners.
  7. All supporters must watch games from the designated spectator area.
  8. All players and coaches must wear the correct footwear (football boots). If anyone does not have boots they can borrow a pair from the Queensferry Hubs ‘boot room’.
  9. A ‘SinBin’ will be in operation at the Referee’s discretion.
  10. Group A will play in ‘Fun 4s’ goals, all other groups will play in 7-a-side goals.
  11. In the event of a dispute the Referee’s decision is final.
  12. This is not the World Cup, so all coaches, parents and spectators are reminded to encourage and support all the kids taking part. This is the kids’ festival and we should all make it as fun and special for them as possible.

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