Queensferry History Group Article

This year the Ferry Fair is celebrating its 80th year and in November last year the Queensferry History Group celebrated its 25th year.

Our history group was preceded by the Queensferry Historical Society in the 1950s, however unfortunately we have very little information about the society, so if anyone reading this article can help us we do hope they will.

FFair1930 [311028]In our 25 years we have tried to record the social history of our town and its people and have collected hundreds of photos, as many will know, with the books we have printed, Doon the Ferry, Back Doon the Ferry and Walk the Ferry as well as the exhibitions we have mounted over the years. We will have a Ferry Fair exhibition in our meeting rooms during the Ferry Fair Festival which we hope will be of interest to locals and visitors alike.

Meantime we invite you all to visit our current exhibition that opened at the end of March for six months. It is in the Provost Room of the museum in the Burgh Chambers in the High Street (admission free – museum closed Tuesday & Wednesday). This exhibition is the culmination of three years research by a few dedicated members of our group. They have researched all the names on the War Memorials of the men who died in WW1 and in doing so found others who had died and are not, for whatever reason, listed. Others have also researched the part Queensferry played in the battle of Jutland. It is well worth a visit as it focuses on our town and its men and women called to duty in WW1.

Our group is sad to have lost one of our founder members, Jimmie Boner, Jimmie Boner [311027]shortly before our anniversary last year. Jimmy was a mainstay of our group with his knowledge of Queensferry and his great sense of humour and is sadly missed.

We have always been a small, happy group of people from all walks of life and age range with locals and newcomers working together. A few of us are founder members, others joined in recent years and others have joined us for a short time for a project. When we started up we met EVERY Thursday evening but now meet on a Monday morning 10am-12noon and the first Thursday of every month in the evening 7pm-9pm in the basement of the Burgh Chambers.

A warm welcome is given to all who pop in to do some research and to anyone who would like to join us in recording the history of our expanding town.

Today is tomorrow’s history. We look forward to seeing you.

Sheena Mackay
Blog: www.queensferry-at-war.weebly.com