Post Ferry Fair 2016 – Survey

Following on from this year’s Ferry Fair, the committee would be very interested in receiving your feedback.

This year we are seeking feedback via Survey Monkey.  The link to this is attached and completion is straight forward and should not take more than about 5 – 10 minutes, there are only 6 questions.

We would be grateful to anyone who could complete this.  If you have any more detailed or specific feedback, that you feel does not fit into the questions, please do not hesitate to send this directly to or by filling in the contact form – selecting Treasurer from the drop down list.

1 thought on “Post Ferry Fair 2016 – Survey

  1. Robert (Bob) Taylor Reply

    As a young lad of eleven years, having been born and bred in South Queensferry, I was selected as one of the two Queen’s Page Boys in the first Ferry Fair to be held after the Second World War, in 1947. My family left the Ferry in 1949.
    After an absence of 69 years, I revisited South Queensferry in August 2016 to see the Ferry Fair Festival celebrate 80 years of its ‘modern’ format. I was greatly impressed by what I saw, from the Burryman on Friday to the crowning of the Queen on Saturday. How the whole pageantry had changed from my memories of 1947! It was a truly wonderful spectacle, added to by the huge numbers of visitors who thronged the streets. A great two days – well done The Ferry!

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