Kick off 6.30pm at the Burgess Park.

The Youths 5-a-side football competition for local youths is divided into two groups:

Group A: S1 and S2 (youths entering 1st and 2nd year in August 2016)

Group B: S3 and S4 (youths entering 3rd or 4th year in August 2016)


Entry forms to be returned to Georgina Moore, 27 Ashburnham Gardens, South Queensferry, no later than Saturday, 6th August. Call 0131 331 1329 for more information if required.


  • All team members must be resident in the Queensferry/Dalmeny/Newton area or attend one of the primary schools or youth groups.
  • Objections to any player with regard to age, etc, must be lodged before commencement of game.
  • Duration of games will be at the discretion of the organisers depending on the number of teams entering.
  • In the event of a draw, games will be decided on a ‘Sudden Death’ penalty shoot-out or extra time if possible.
  • Standard Football Association Rules apply, ie. corners will be taken.
  • A ‘SinBin’ will be in operation at the Referee’s discretion.
  • In an endeavour to increase the number of goals scored and avoid penalty shoot-outs, we now use 7-a-side goals instead of 5-a-side goals.
  • In the event of a dispute the Referee’s decision is final.

The entrance form can be found enclosed in this years programme or here.