Raffle 2016

Below is the list of the Grand Raffle winners, all winners will be notified in due course.

Prize Winner
Boathouse Stay 1473 Tom Espey
£50 Voucher Harry Ramsden 0537 N. Crowther
3 or 5 Night Stay at Forth Reflections 1439 S. Atkinson
MOT Voucher Hawes Garage 0607 E. Robertson
Face Painting Voucher Ashiebrae 1357 Harris
Session at Squids Afterschool Club 0191 Linda
Family Voucher for Forth Belle 0092 R. McGill
Family Voucher for Maid of the Forth 0455 S. Armit
Bottle of Glengoyne Malt Whisky 1356 Harris
Voucher for Historic Scotland 1495 T. Barnett
Voucher for Hopetoun House 1135 L. Edgar
Voucher for R.Y.Britannia 1372 J. Murray
Tea for 2 Braidhills Hotel 0565 S. Schreuder
Voucher for Murryfield Ice Rink 0481 M. Kiernan C/O Nigel
Voucher for Murryfield Ice Rink 1438 S. Atkinson
£20 Voucher for the Gyle 1291 A. Hilton
Voucher for Camera Obscura 0330 S. Drummond
Voucher for Once Upon A Time 1453 J. Bowers
Voucher for the Terrace 0467 L. Burke
Round of Golf at Dalmeny Golf Course 0034 A. Bruce
Voucher for Gambado Soft Play 1383 D. Wynne
£20 Voucher Queens Spice 0373 L. Toppings
Voucher for Jacqui Boyle Tanning 0550 C. Stubbs
Voucher for SCN Valeting 0057 E. McGhie
Voucher for Studio 12 0212 E. Williamson
Voucher for Studio 12 1079 L. Litterick
Goodie bag from Maisies 0106 N. Smith
Voucher for ID Decorators + Wine 1723 J. O’Sullivan
Champagne from Louise Holland 1606 J. Morgan
Knitted Doll from Louise Holland 1698  K. Grant
Hair Care Set from Louise Holland 1401 S. Smiles
Bottle of Prosecco 0617 A. Appleby
Make-up Hamper from Jenni Hanner 0300 Dutchy C/O Anchor
£20 Voucher for Maurizo’s 0733 P. Whitehead
Hand-made Bracelet by Agnes D Rothney Jewellery 0751 S. McLaughlan
£20 Voucher for Down the Hatch 0174 L. Clark
£20 Voucher for Down the Hatch 0680 T. Sweetman
£300 Voucher for Pet Photoshoot 1274 Jen Quigley
Voucher for Barnton Bootcamp 0208 K. Naysmith
Voucher for Barnton Bootcamp 0342 Ian Chapman
Voucher for Tour De Moggy 0345 G. Holmes
Voucher for Tour at Carlowrie Castle 0545 T. Wilson
Voucher for P.E. Watersport 1433 A. Holland
Handmade Fruit Bowl from Dougie 0783 L. McBain
Gift from Allium 0482 S. Armit C/O Nigel
Football Top from Edin Sports 1268 A. Rothney
Voucher for Inchcolm Inn 0533 I. Thomson
Hamper from Deaf Action 0651 R. O’Neil
Voucher for Capital Hotel Gym 0444 K. Kyle