Not everyone reading this may be aware just how much it costs to stage the Ferry Fair each year.  In round terms, the cost of organising the Ferry Fair in 2016 was £24,000.  For the sake of information and transparency, our accounts are published on this page.

This level of cost does mean that a great deal of fundraising is required on an ongoing basis to ensure that the Ferry Fair can be paid for.

The committee would like to thank everyone who has generously donated funds over the years.

The accounts for the past two years can be found here, please feel free to look at them. If you have any questions do not heisitate to ask Jillian langton (our Treasurer).

Below are links to various fundraising activities that the committee and community organaised and surported throughout the year:-



The continued support of everyone in the community remains vital to ensure sufficient funds are raised each year. If you have any ideas for fundraising or, better still, if you feel you would like to undertake some fundraising for us, please contact Jillian Langton.