Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge

Although not even officially Ferry Fair week, the first of our programme of events has already been completed.  The Alan Meldrum    Community Rowing Challenge was held on Saturday 22nd July 2017 (due to tide levels, it was impossible for this to happen during Ferry Fair week this year).  Despite the weather and only having two entries, everyone involved  had a good time. Challenge indeed! The two teams were a group of Queensferry Primary School parents brought together by the Rowing Club’s Lorna Bark (who runs Forth Reflections self catering). The team took the name “Forth Reflections”. The other team were Scottish Parliament Broadcasting who are colleagues of the late Alan Meldrum in whose memory the event is organised. They raced from the Hawes Pier to turning buoys off the Seals Craig and back in conditions which our regular rowers would have found difficult. The winners were the Scottish Parliament team and Jenni Meldrum was pleased to present them with the trophy she had commissioned.

You will find photos on the QRC Flickr page of our web site  The earlier pics are our crews laying buoys and getting the boats to the Hawes then there are shots of the teams warming up before the actual race. Most of the shots after the departure of Forth Belle are the actual race.

You will see that the winning team are wearing very colourful shirts in tribute to Alan, ‘Mel’ who was noted for his rather loud taste in shirts!

The Ferry Fair Committee would like to thank all at Queensferry Rowing Club, especially Peter Locke, for their efforts in once again arranging the Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge

Ferry Fair Committee 2017

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