Survey Monkey Reveiw

As many people may know the Ferry Fair Festival Committee recently conducted a survey about last year’s Ferry Fair. Firstly, we would like to thank all those that not only answered the questions, but who took time to provide more detailed feedback on what you wanted from your Fair. The high level results were very positive, they can be found here.
When we looked at the comments in more detail some themes emerged and we have spent some time discussing and considering these.
One common theme was the number of adverts in the programme and the frustration at not being able to quickly find details of Ferry Fair Events. Whilst it is not possible to significantly reduce the number of adverts, as the amount of income generated by the programme (sales and advertisers) accounts for roughly one third of Ferry Fair income each year and also local advertisers want to advertise with us – we are re-vamping the programme this year, to bring together all event information, hopefully making it easier to find.
A number of people were either not aware of our website, which is, or felt that it was not kept up to date. Whilst there was a period of time last year that this was not kept fully up to date, we have a new webmaster looking after the site and it is now being kept up to date.
Some feedback was around having more entertainment across the course of the week and you will see when the programme comes out and more information is published that we have taken this on board and organised more and different entertainment at Burgess Park on Thursday night, including the Tug O’ War being re-introduced. We have new attractions on the High Street on Friday and additional entertainment organised on Ferry Fair Saturday too.
A specific word about the Wheelbarrow Race – we had a huge number of comments wanting the Wheelbarrow Race re-instated (more than on any other specific topic). It was a difficult decision for the committee to stop this event, due to the condition of the High Street, and we have thought long and hard, and consulted our insurance company, and the great news is that this will be back in 2017. Please support this event.
Should you have any further feedback for us, we would be delighted to hear it. We have a new e-mail address which will be operational all year round. Alternatively, click here and select option ‘Feedback’.